Money, Hearts & Minds


It is the emotional roller-coaster you have never wanted. For many of us, money and the lack of it is an insufferable topic, if not a complete bore. For some, it reeks of nothingness multiplied by monthly obligations seemingly without end which makes it all the more difficult for our brains to comprehend. Strange as it may seem the heart, not the mind enters the scene to calm and help the brain cope. The value of money gets obscured as the heart takes over the load-bearing. Unfortunately, in the end, the economics of life is not about how you feel, rather it is often measured by the ones and zeros in your bank account.

Money is really a tool by which an imaginative person builds something. That tool starts with financial education. It has been my experience that education & financial literacy should always be a core tenet. Somewhat like learning musical scales; a dastardly task that allows you to create all types of harmonious sounds. For many, the sounds created are a source of never-ending joy, all at the behest of learning a simple “do re mi.” As you master the financial equivalence of do re mi, money becomes nothing more than a financial life action plan with a few insurance policies attached.

Once financial literacy is established as a core value, there is not much to say, talk about or put a value on, it simply becomes a credit-debit system that is used to run the financial transactions of your life. The curiosity of money reveals itself in ways one would expect. For example, a person with money does not consider it much on a day-to-day basis. Alternatively, a person without money is kept off-balance with an ever-present cloud hanging over them. Oddly enough, money is all-consuming without it and of little consideration with it. Many without will undoubtedly argue money is a chicken and egg story, but that subtle attempt at trying to explain the haves versus the have nots underpins all that is important on the topic.

The important bits in life allowed to expand, grow and gravitate when the daily need for cash is satiated. Without the insentient leaky financial faucet drip, relationships, passions, and love roots have fertile soil to grow. Having a wrong-way-round philosophy of money does tend to zap the zest out of life. A fair point to ponder.

Much more to the heart

Money gets its rap when it comes to affairs of the heart. When the heart is involved, pragmatism is thrown away as emotion permeates all financial decisions under the guise of the heart’s financial IQ. The proverbial want versus need rules the day. Life-altering events, relationships, and dare I say marriage and children are all altered under the heart-guide of the financial ruler. As the mind justifies the actions the body takes, the self-fulfilling prophecy unfolds. And yet again, the actor in the play of money & finances will bridge the gap of bad financial decisions as “genius in disguise” and the only answer to the current financial crisis du jour. And the never-ending “life by emotional financial decisions” ensues.

Charitable unintended

Is it also notable when the more fortunate lot decides to release funds to the less fortunate, the givers are told they are transcended to that better place while the receivers are now relieved of their financial burdens. While it could be true; in many instances, the desired result is not achieved. You can cite many reasons, but suffice-to-say both the giver and receiver hearts and minds are not financially aligned.

In conclusion, if you don’t want money to run your life or direct your heart decisions, just have it piled up in whatever appropriate corner you like and use it as needed to make transactions to service your lifelong needs. Leave the wants to your heart.